Most funniest dirtiest jokes

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Most funniest dirtiest jokes

The administrator let us into the unoccupied, expensively-equipped videoconference room and led us to a speakerphone. My research had come up blank for the CEO name but I decided to call the only name at the bottom of their web page and ask for the CEO name. As we hung up the phone, a pleasant voice came over the loudspeaker in the room letting us know that the entire call had been broadcast over the intercom system within the building. I quickly corrected my mistake—organisms— and just kept right on going pretending she did not hear and I did not say what I DID just say. I suppose she is still at work enjoying her bottle and laughing at me. Jon had spoken to a prospect named Janelle earlier in the day and had set up a follow up call for us later that day, so I could answer some technical questions for her. In fact, most of them could have made the finals.

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