Gq 75 funniest jokes

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Gq 75 funniest jokes

My top ten list included two from GQ's top ten, while my wife and the editor agreed with GQ about only one. Just referring in printed form to Jack Benny's one liner is a disservice to Benny. Yeah, now I can't share my wildly hilarious collection of pederasty jokes I culled from Slashdot trolls. Let Evil Kneivel get on the plane. Halfway through, the girl turns to dad, says "Jesus, Dad, your dick tastes like shit. And you shouldn't ascribe to Woody Allen what he describes as a classic joke from elsewhere. I'm betting that the joke with "warm" in it 91 was not in the GQ version, as that was only the 75 funniest jokes.

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Most Funniest Jokes (All Time)

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Gq 75 funniest jokes

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