The maestro the jokerr lyrics

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The maestro the jokerr lyrics

Write something with substance punk bitch NOW let me show you motherfuckers how it's done When the very next moment is another step closer to the grave That's just how I get down with it get used to the shit I'm here to stay I'll never make another effort to appease When they just don't believe And there isn't any time to ways I've answered the call I'm back for em all But I guess all that I had wasn't all that great Chorus: Well, I figured it'd be as good a time as any for an introduction Tell em' hey I'm the J to the O OH, and if you don't know Just don't make any assumptions Cause I got a bad habit that I've had, popping up and delivering Thousands upon thousands of punches Now they love it when I take it down and sing but I'm gonna have to bring A little something for my people in the dungeon Muhfuckas try to chop but they put the same bullshit words In repetitive abundance "And I'm gonna get them everybody with a little bit of 'comin to get em'" And then they all submitted them in to the hundreds You ain't tricking anybody with that bullshit chump! Who's the man with the master plan With talent that the world never knew could have so vast a span Who raps, writes, records, engineers, makes his own beats And sings his fucking ass off, ask my fans They'll all tell ya who The J to the O Yeah the record company executives would never give his ass a chance Ill give you a classic example of the way that it goes Let me tell you bout my interaction with Strange and them folks I sat with Tech on his tour bus, the two of us Through "Welcome To The Show" on and half way through the of "Jokerr's pain" Cory the annoying tour manager with his superiority complex intruded just to kick me off Without a second thought, even though his fucking boss was the one who invited me on to it Tech didn't say shit But Strange's vice president, Dave did "You need to build more" Hey bitch, fuck what you think! Hi I'm a juggalo, muder you you wanna know You don't wanna go to the carnival, no Cause we'll go to the house of horrors and I'll kill your mom And I'll chop you up and kill your girlfriend with a bomb Like, I've been studying you, man. I just wanna let u know I think I figured out what it takes to make it on Strange Music. Because, ya know, I wanna be the best and like everybody says you're the best.

The maestro the jokerr lyrics

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The Jokerr - I Gave It All

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