Funeral escort motorcycle

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Funeral escort motorcycle

In July , Rick Friedt , a retired Seattle firefighter, died while escorting a funeral when someone in the procession pulled out, forcing Friedt into oncoming traffic. We are able to accomplish this by planning a safe route of travel and controlling traffic at intersections so all participants can stay together; preventing non-participants from interfering with the procession. In August , Mike Coffey , a captain with Eastside Fire and Rescue in Issaquah, was killed escorting a funeral procession through Seattle when a car pulled out of a driveway in front of him. Charles, are helpful and responsive when the funeral home needs assistance. All employees are either current or former police officers, owners Don and Victoria Chandler said. The motorcycle driver was cited for illegal lighting, and his vehicle was impounded because his driver's license was not current, according to Nunez.

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