Funny pantomime songs

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Funny pantomime songs

Last year Alex played Fairy Beautiful, as part of a fairy foursome in Sleeping Beauty, battling with their spells against the wicked fairy and her cat. She has played the lead role in Miss Muffet which saw her being scared by a spider a prince under a spell and shipwrecked to a Caribbean island. An expert singing teacher will help you grasp the song and make you sing it at your best. The sweet palace cat was played by our eldest cast member and oft-time director, Gwen Pritchett — her faceoffs with Spindleshanks were epic and she came out on top in the end. We all love doing this and hope you enjoy it too. Make sure that the song also shows the audition panel as much of your vocal range as possible. The golden rule of keeping the children involved was achieved using all the old tricks and at the same time adding a little bit of adult material to keep the Mums, Dads and assorted younger and older people entertained.

Funny pantomime songs

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Past Panto Songs

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