Tv tropes funny aneurysm moment

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Tv tropes funny aneurysm moment

The inverse of this, where something in real life or more recent canon retroactively makes a lighthearted moment funnier, is Hilarious in Hindsight. It is possible for an in-universe event to be rendered a "funny aneurysm" moment by a real life one, even if it is temporary. This often has to do with a character or actor's death and is named for a line from the Buffy episode "The Freshman" in which Buffy hopes that her mother will have "a funny aneurysm" when she sees the cost of Buffy's college textbooks. Since all actors and creators are mortal, if someone mentions death or plays a character who dies, and then die themselves, that's not a "funny aneurysm" moment unless their real world death has some kind of similarity or connection to the circumstances of the death which was originally Played for Laughs. For literal funny aneurysms, see Narm.

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