Four weddings and a funeral ending

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Four weddings and a funeral ending

At the reception, Gareth instructs his friends to seek potential mates; Fiona's brother, Tom, stumbles through an attempt to connect with a woman until she reveals that she is the minister's wife, while Charles's flatmate, Scarlett, strikes up a conversation with an American named Chester. Charles is appreciative and empathetic but does not requite her love. During the ceremony, when the vicar asks whether anyone knows a reason why the couple should not marry, David, who was reading the vicar 's lips, asks Charles to translate for him, and says in sign language that he suspects the groom loves someone else. During the groom's toast, Gareth dies of a heart attack. The story examines the need for finding love and the challenge of keeping love. Plot[ edit ] The film follows the adventures of a group of friends through the eyes of Charles, a good-natured but socially awkward man living in London, who becomes smitten with Carrie, an American whom Charles keeps meeting at four weddings and a funeral.

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Four weddings and a funeral ending

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