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Golmaal fun unlimited wiki

The couple has two children, daughter Nysa and son Yug. His brother Anil Devgan is a Hindi film director. Buzz is that he will direct the sequel, "Sons Of Sardaar", which is based on the battle of Saragarhi. In , he gave a critically acclaimed performance in the movie "Deewangee" for which he received the Filmfare "Best Villain Award". There is also a gangster named Babli who wants to steal the chest from the couple's bungalow. Laxman, Gopal, Madhav and Lucky are then rewarded with ten percent of the original value of the diamonds for arresting Babli. The opening credits of the movie revealed that the story was based on the Gujarati play Aflatoon by Mihir Bhuta and Neeraj Vora adapted from Harsh Shivsharan's original Marathi play Ghar-Ghar [1] [2] which was earlier used in the Malayalam comedy Kakkakuyil.

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Golmaal fun unlimited wiki

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