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Spencer Dream Center

Another HUGE Milestone!

by DreamCenter on Oct.24, 2011, under Daily Updates!

Hey everyone…

Yesterday, at a specially-called business meeting, DaySpring Assembly of God voted unanimously (100%) to “quit claim” the SDC Building to the SDC Corporation….for one dollar!

This, coupled with the final IRS Approval of the SDC as a federally-recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, put us on very secure footing as a totally separate and distinct entity from DaySpring church.

While we believe that the Dream Center is at the very heart of what Jesus is doing in Spencer, we do NOT believe that it is by any means exclusively a “DaySpring thing”, and are so very blessed to be working alongside many other churches, ministries and friends from the community.

This past month, we have seen over$15,000 in donations come in from many different sources, including national corporations, local businesses, and individuals. We are so pleased to be on stable footing financially!

The Grand Avenue Free Medical Clinic opened just over two weeks ago. Our first clinic saw 4 patients, our second clinic saw 9…and we are not advertising at all. At the present time, the clinic is open on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays from 3-9PM. Before our next clinic on November 3rd, there will be a feature-length story in the local newspaper and a spot on the local NBC affiliate (KTIV from Sioux City) featuring the clinic. Soon after that, we expect to be at capacity and will need to expand the hours/days accordingly.

Terrazzo Coffeehouse is doing great. As the only Starbucks location within 2 hours driving distance, we are blessed to have this brand, and to be able to serve it to our community! At this time, our hours are Monday-Wednesday from 6AM-2PM and Thursday-Saturday from 6AM-10PM. Our full menu of Starbucks drinks, combined with some awesome Terrazzo Specialties and our awesome food menu (including the now world-famous seasoned steak fries, bigger-than-the-bun pork tenderloin sandwich, and better-than-grandma’s soups) have made Terrazzo the coolest, happening-est spot in Spencer!  We recently acquired the drive-thru window from a recently shuttered Starbucks location in Fairmont MN, and plan to install it on the west side of our building soon. All of the proceeds from Terrazzo go straight back into the outreaches of the Dream Center, mainly helping to offset the operating costs of the building (including insurance and utilities).

His Hands Extended, our food and clothing outreaches have, to date,  distributed over 15,000 pieces of clothing and just around 8 tons of food to local needy families.

The Underground Youth Center in the Basement is going strong, with dozens of kids showing up each night to just hang out and have fun playing pool, video games, etc.

Demolition of the 5th floor is 85% complete. We now have literally mountains of rubble that needs to be disposed of and then we will be ready to start finishing the walls, floors and ceilings to make way for the “Top Floor Sports Outreach” (skatepark and exercise facility).

Our “Living Free” small groups for people struggling with life-controlling problems are going to be beginning in January. At this time, we have just around 22 leaders in our weekly training classes, preparing to lead these groups, focusing on topics ranging from addictions to grief counseling to eating disorders to anger management. You can check out  for more information on the many small group options we will offer.

Cooper lighting has donated over 150 energy-efficient light fixtures, and they are almost all installed! This will amount to great savings every month on our utility bills (which at the moment are just around $2000/month).

If you are ever in the area and would like a tour, please give me a call on my cell and I would be happy to arrange it!  712-363-4945

God is truly blessing the SDC!  And….Greater things are yet to come!


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Living Free!

by DreamCenter on Sep.02, 2011, under Daily Updates!

Hello Friends!  We are very excited to be beginning an amazing new outreach at the SDC called Living Free. It is a part of our SDC Connections on the Third Floor, and will offer small groups for anyone struggling with life-controlling problems (alcohol, drugs, anger, eating disorders, etc.)

Orientation for anyone interested in possibly leading a small group will be held on September 23-24 at the Dream Center.

Please check out the PDF here: Living Free

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March Update

by DreamCenter on Mar.26, 2011, under Daily Updates!

Just wanted to update everyone on our progress:

The Underground is now open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 3:30-9:30pm. We are averaging 40-50 kids each night…many of whom are not associated with any church, but just find their way to us through word-of-mouth.

The clothing outreach at His Hands Extended is now open Thursdays from 2-7PM and Saturdays from noon-4pm. The food outreach at HHE is open the 2nd and 4th Thursdays from noon-4pm. We will always help someone with emergency food any time, whether we are “officially” open that week or not.

The Terrazzo Coffeehouse is nearing completion! We have moved the furniture in and it looks great! 360 will start meeting in there this coming Friday at 7:30, with Brett Gathman and Marcus Robinson leading worship and teaching.

We are always looking for help on Thursdays and Saturdays in His Hands Extended, so if you would like to volunteer with either the food or the clothing outreaches, please just come by during our regular hours.  We are also hoping to have the Underground open every day of the week, but do not currently have the staff to make that a reality. If you would like to be a part of that, please let us know!

We had our first Benefit Dinner last Saturday night. We brought in over $6600 to help with our property tax bill. We also picked up a few monthly supporters!

We have sold quite a bit of furniture so far… I would say over $1500 worth (just this past Thursday, someone bought over $500 worth!).

Great things are happening…and even greater things are yet to come! Thank you for your support!

God Bless,

Pastor Kevin

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MORE Good News!

by DreamCenter on Feb.14, 2011, under Daily Updates!

We have just gotten word that we are an official “agency” of the Food Bank of Iowa! That means that we can very soon distribute food to ANYONE who needs it!  We have already distributed over 1000 articles of clothing to 70+ needy families since January 6th, and now that we will have food available, we know we will be seeing a lot more guests at the Spencer Dream Center!

Also, Jordan Creek Mall in W Des Moines is donating several pieces of very nice furniture for the Terrazzo Coffeehouse!  It will show up this week!

The Underground is a HUGE success, averaging 40 or so youth each night it’s open! (it’s now open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 3:30-9:30PM)

Lots of progress on the 5th floor, too…

Please feel free to stop by any Thursday from 10AM-10PM if you would like a tour!

We are currently selling some of the furnishings from the rooms upstairs, as we won’t be needing all of it.  The PDF here is a list of the items we have for sale: Spencer Dream Center Furniture

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January Update

by DreamCenter on Jan.10, 2011, under Daily Updates!

So much has been happening around here lately…I just wanted to drop you a note to update you about the SDC.

Great things are happening here!

This past week we had the grand opening of the Underground Youth Center in the basement. There were 121 kids present, plus another 30 or so adults. The Fire Department has set the max occupancy for that space at 172 people, but there is NO WAY we could have fit that many in there with all the pool tables, couches, air hockey, etc stuff… It was a great time! For now, the Underground is open Wednesdays-Fridays from 3:30-9:30. We will expand days/hours as we have more volunteer staff to make that possible.
Last Thursday was the grand opening for His Hands Extended (clothing outreach). We served 21 families (over 50 guests total) with gracious hospitality and Jesus’ love! It was sooo cool to see this happening! It was awesome just to see it! HHE is now open from 2-7PM on Thursdays and Noon-4PM on Saturdays.

This past Saturday, “Say Yes to A Dress” celebrated its grand opening at Noon til 4PM, and will be open Saturdays through February. This is an amazing place where girls can come and pick from over 100 dresses, shoes and accessories…for free! They may keep the dress if they like, or return it for someone else to use later. These are VERY NICE dresses….some still with the tags! There are also 15-20 BRAND NEW wedding dresses available in this space! In our first day of operation, we gave out 10 dresses to some very happy (and appreciative) young ladies!

We had a meeting last week with the Iowa State Food Bank. We are on the fast track to be approved to be a distribution point for their food for the NW Iowa area. The way is works is this: we drive to Des Moines, buy groceries (canned/boxed and perishable items) for 14 cents/pound…and then we give it away to anyone who needs it. Very simple! They get all their food from manufacturers and grocery chains. We are expecting to have this up and running by mid-February.

The Terrazzo Coffeehouse (in the former bar area of our hotel building) is coming along very nicely. The ceiling is finished, the walls are being painted, the floors are probably 80% there… Starbucks has delivered all the brewers, airpots and posters and stuff, and they are just needing a counter to set them on. We are looking to open this area in the Spring of this year.

I’m attaching photos of our new awnings and signs. These were paid for with grant money from a statewide downtown redevelopment program.
Here is a list of some of the other accomplishments this past year that have come as a result of hundreds of volunteer hours.

* A total cleaning of the entire industrial kitchen by using a high pressure steam washer and several hours of hand scrubbing.

* Installation of a first-class fire detection system, valued at $21,000.

* Refurbishing of the restrooms on the main level and in the basement.

121 students!

* Adopt-A-Block was started earlier in 2010 which takes place every Saturday from 10-12. Each week, teams go into the surrounding neighborhoods in the community, mowing lawns, clearing snow, visiting shut-ins and assisting with basic household maintenance tasks.

* The complete renovation process has begun on the 5th floor which when finished will be the “Top Floor” Sports & Fitness Center and indoor skate park.

* Studio 211 was created in room 211. This is an outreach for those interested in audio/video production and other technology activities.

There are several other outreaches scheduled to open in 2011, including the Spencer’s B.E.S.T. (Better Educated Students for Tomorrow) after-school program (complete with tutoring, homework help and a computer lab). The Free Medical Clinic of Northwest Iowa will open in the late summer, and SDC Connections (counseling, job training, parenting classes and a G.E.D. program) will be launching this spring.

They were lined up for an hour just to get in!

We have some pretty huge financial obstacles right now…a $14K property tax bill due in April and a $10K elevator repair… Please pray and ask the Lord if He might be leading you to help out…


God bless you,

Click here for a PDF of some pics:
SDC January

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Christmastime Update

by DreamCenter on Dec.21, 2010, under Daily Updates!

Hey Everyone…
It’s been awhile…

This sign will be installed on our building next week!

Mr. And Mrs. Claus!

It was packed!

The line wrapped around the building for two hours...and it was like 18 degrees out there!

Here’s the latest at the SDC:
The Grand Meander Open House was GREAT SUCCESS! We were so blessed to be able to distribute hundreds of toys to any child who asked…and just around 500 cups of Starbucks coffee and hot chocolate… Not to mention Spencer’s Greatest Popcorn (TM). :) So much fun! Santa and Mrs. Claus were there to hand out toys all night (assisted by their fun-loving elves, of course!)

The GRAND OPENING of the Underground is January 5th at 5PM! We will have Special Guest Heath Adamson there for the evening service beginning at 6:30 with awesome music and a great message!

All ready for our guests!

His Hands Extended (the SDC Clothing Outreach) will officially open its doors Thursday, January 6th at 2PM. From that time on, the operating hours for HHE will be: Thursdays from 2-7PM and Saturdays from Noon-4PM (following Adopt-A-Block).


The Terrazzo Coffeehouse is getting closer to completion each week! the ceilings are painted, and we are now finishing the walls and trim. After that, we will turn our attention to the floors for their final treatments. We are simultaneously installing the drive-thru window on the west side of the building (in the rear parking lot). We were so blessed to get the “blown-over” drive-thru menu board from Taco John’s here in Spencer a few weeks ago…for a dollar! :) I checked online and this model usually sells for just around $11,000! Keep your eyes peeled for it to show up on the NW corner of the building, soon!

Great things are happening ALL THE TIME! If you wanna be a part, give us a call at 580-4SDC, or stop by any Thursday or Saturday!

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Help us win $50,000!

by DreamCenter on Dec.03, 2010, under Daily Updates!

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Almost there!

by DreamCenter on Sep.28, 2010, under Daily Updates!

Hello everyone!

Thanks to the support and prayers of so many of you, we are set to open the Spencer Dream Center within a few weeks! The fire alarm system is more than half-installed, and everything else is ready to go.

I will be working at the SDC every Thursday from 10AM-10PM for the foreseeable future, so if you would like to come down and check it out, or if you would like to lend a hand in any of the many ministries, please just show up on Thursday!

This week, I will be on the 3rd-5th floors finishing up the fire alarm, and others will be in the basement painting, while others will be on the 2nd floor organizing clothes and food at His Hands Extended…

See you there!

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A GREAT Story!

by DreamCenter on Sep.14, 2010, under Daily Updates!

Matt Breen from KTIV (NBC) News in Sioux City, was up here recently and interviewed me. Here’s a link to the story that ran last Friday night at 6PM!
Spencer Dream Center Story!

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by DreamCenter on Aug.24, 2010, under Daily Updates!

So, yesterday we were able to bless a local needy family with clothes and a mattress! They were so appreciative and overwhelmed by the whole Center! So wonderful to see their faces as the Lord provided JUST WHAT THEY NEEDED!

Also, two minutes after I got word from the company that was considering donating the smoke detectors that they were NOT going to be able to give them to us…. someone handed me a check for EXACTLY the balance of what we need to purchase the equipment.

Brett and I will install most of them, and then we’ll have the inspector walk through and we’ll be ready to open!!!!

Please pray for our friend in Des Moines to get everything we need to us soon, so we can get started!!!

ALSO….there are a couple things in the works that will BLOW EVERYONE AWAY!!!!!

Be praying!!! :)

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